Malaysia Airlines site hacked by Lizard Squad

MA Hack

Malaysia Airlines ‘ website has been hacked today by the cyber-attack group Lizard Squad, which now appears to be calling itself ‘Official Cyber Caliphate’. The national carrier’s site shows a header that says ‘404 – Plane Not Found’, likely a reference to the loss of Flight MH370 last March and the shooting down of Flight MH17 in July. However, Malaysia Airlines says that its servers are intact and have not leaked any user data, and that it has solved the issue which appears to have been a DNS attack. The company says its site will become fully operational in about…

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ing the article, and more importantly, your personal experienceMindfully using our emotions as data about our inner state and knowing when it’s better to de-escalate by taking a time out are great tools. Appreciate you reading and sharing your story, since I can certainly relate and I think others can too

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