Bored? Play multiplayer Boggle with this Twitter bot

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My mind boggles daily, such is the intoxicating nature of the internet, but if you want to put your brain to something other than browsing or actually doing work, here’s another distraction: A Boggle-playing Twitter bot. Warning! Just 3 minutes left  W  H  N  O   I  T  P  O   L  C  Y  T   A  E  I  N  🌈 — BoggleBot (@Botgle) July 6, 2015 Botgle was built by Colin Mitchell and does just what you’d expect. Every few hours, it generates a new grid of letters, mimicking the classic game. @BooDooPerson plays WHILE NOT WHIT HIT TILE WIT HILT TIN NICE TOP POT TOY CLIT ALE ICE PHIL TYPO POON YON ALIT LIT…

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