IBM has created the tiniest, densest computer chips in the world

SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's Michael Liehr, left, and IBM's Bala Haranand look at wafer comprised of 7nm chips on Thursday, July 2, 2015, in a NFX clean room Albany. Several 7nm chips at SUNY Poly CNSE on Thursday in Albany. (Darryl Bautista/Feature Photo Service for IBM)
IBM, not Intel, says it has created the world’s densest computer chips, at just 7-nanometers. By comparison, competitors like Intel have been struggling to shrink their consumer chips down below 14-nanometers. The company is currently commercializing 10-nanometer chips. IBM said that it now has working chips — which are still in the research phase — at the record-shattering size. IBM actually shed its semiconductor business in 2014, paying $1.5 billion to offload it to Globalfoundries. Instead, it licenses the technology it develops to be manufactured by Globalfoundries, which also builds chips for Broadcom, Qualcomm and AMD. The New York Times said that by comparison,…

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