This amazing interactive picture book for the Web makes me jealous of kids these days


When I was a kid, physical picture books were the coolest things, but now, this interactive picture book for the Web has me totally jealous of the current generation of children.

Enough is an Web project that tells the story of a luminescent jellyfish traveling the darkest depths of the ocean, and features beautiful interactive sounds and graphics over almost thirty minutes.

Almost everything in the story is interactive, slowly guiding you through each page of the ‘book.’


The app uses your browser to render the entire experience in WebGL, without any plugins, and even works with the Leap Motion for interacting directly with your hands.

I opened it expecting to only click through a few pages of the story but ended up making my way through the whole thing — it’s a gorgeous new way to tell a story that’s much more accessible than needing to download and install a separate app.


The story, built by Oakland-based Isaac Cohen, is open source and has been in development for well over a year.

There are plenty of interactive demos and experiences for the Web, but Enough is the first time I’ve seen such an extensive, immersive story told directly in the browser.

Grab a coffee, set aside five minutes and prepare to be amazed.

Enough [Cabbibo]

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