Indiloop lets you remix major-label hits like a pro


If you’ve ever wondered what a collaboration between Vanilla Ice and Nine Inch Nails would sound like, you’ll want to give Indiloop a spin.

Available for desktop, Android and iOS, the recently updated app lets you pull individual instrument stems from its catalog of popular tracks spanning several genres to mix together into your own special track.

Indiloop screen

That means you can take the drums and guitar from one song, layer on a bass loop from another and add a vocal line from your favorite song and mash it up in Indiloop’s easy to use interface.

In addition to offering individual stems to play with, Indiloop also uses time-stretching technology and some special sauce to ensure every track plays in sync when you load them up — making it easy to create a listenable song without spending hours on professional software.


You can upload your own tracks to add to your creations. The interface lets you fade stems in and out, chop them into loops and adjust levels so they sound just right.

Once you’re happy with your mix, you can publish it on Indiloop’s platform and share it on social networks. It’s ridiculously fun to play with and you can easily lose a few good hours kicking out the jams.

Oh, and for the record, Vanilla Ice should totally have cut an album with Trent Reznor — they sound great together in my mix.

Indiloop [Web | Android | iOS]

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