California state officials have lifted the lid on Google’s self-driving car accidents

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California state officials have released details on six of the self-driving car accidents recorded by Google, The Associated Press reports.

The tech giant revealed last month that its autonomous cars had been in eleven accidents, but no further details were given until now.

State officials had previously claimed that confidentiality clauses prevented them from releasing any further information on the crashes but The Associated Press agency says it argued that the DMV was unfairly withholding information from the public.

The reports state that the cars involved belonged to Google and Delphi Automotive and that “most of the cars were in self-driving mode when the accidents happened, and the other driver caused the accident.”

It also says “none of the crashes were serious enough to injure the person the state requires to sit behind the wheel, and the reports say none of the people in the other cars were treated for injuries either.”

➤ California reveals details of self-driving car accidents [The Associated Press]

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