The definitive guide to Google’s 17 new Android Wear branded watch faces

android wear branded watch faces

As the Apple Watch and Android Wear war continues to brew, Google is constantly reminding potential buyers that its platform is the most customizable. This message goes out to both at-home developers looking to tinker with their new toys, and companies looking for alternate ways to create #brandlove.

In addition to the some 1,500 watch faces already available on Android Wear, Google today unveiled 17 branded ones. If you need help deciding which brand to show your appreciation, we’re here to help.

Hello Kittyhello kitty android wear

What is it? A Japanese cartoon cat frequently loved by young girls, teens, the young at heart and Avril Lavigne.

Download if: You understand what it means to be *~super kawaii~*!

Moods of Norway

moods of norway android wear

What is it? A Norwegian clothing brand that promises to make “happy clothes for happy people.”

Download if: You’re unhappy but need the public to not know that.

Rubik’s Watch

rubik android wear

What is it? A twist (heh) on the combination puzzle game that either entertains you for hours, or pisses you the hell off.

Download if: You don’t think owning a smartwatch looks nerdy enough.

Terminator Genisys

terminator android wear

What is it? The fifth cinematic installment of the “Terminator” franchise. Its existence and alternative spelling are still largely debatable.

Download if: You’ve got to be back… in time.

Kevin Tong Watch Face

kevin tong android wear

What is it? Kevin Tong is a freelance illustrator whose portfolio includes band posters for The Black Keys and Washed Out.

Download if: You’re into retro meets modern art and you support independent artists.

Bang & Olufsen Watch Face

bang olufsen android wear

What is it? A luxury brand known for high-end speakers, headphones and sound systems.

Download if: You work for Bang & Olufsen.

Muji to Relax


What is it? A Japanese retailer that sells everything from basic apparel to home goods and stationery.

Download if: The simple, modernist life is your calling.

Gundam RX-78-2 Watch Face

gundam android wear

What is it? A anime series featuring humanoid war robots.

Download if: You’re willing to pay $0.99 versus all the other free ones Google added today.

Angry Birds Aviator Watch Face

angry birds android wear

What is it? Rovio’s sole claim to fame which it cannot stop milking the crap out of.

Download if: You’re 12.

Rowley Wristwear

rowley wristwear

What is it? An American luxury label that’s both modern and feminine.

Download if: You still have a Diane von Furstenburg Google Glass sitting somewhere in your closet.


moomins android wear

What is it? A children’s fantasy cartoon created by a Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson.

Download if: Everyday is #TBT.

Lulu Frost Watch

lulu frost android wear

What is it? A luxury jewelry brand.

Download if: Kim Kardashian is your idol and your favorite TV show is “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.”

George Frost Watch

george frost

What is it? Lulu Frost’s boy cousin.

Download if: You have zero personality.

Triwa, Geox, Anrealage, Attling


What are they? Modern luxury brands that share more or less the same clienteles.

Download if: You’re actually pretty normal and just wanted your smartwatch to look like a real watch.

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