iOS 9 beta 2 will prompt users to temporarily delete apps if they don’t have enough memory


If you were considering loading the new iOS 9 beta, but were unsure if your device had enough space — it may not matter. Some users are being prompted to temporarily remove apps ahead of loading the new operating system.

First reported by 9to5Mac, users on Twitter are noticing the option to delete apps ahead of loading iOS 9 beta 2. The option was likely included in iOS 9 all along, but version one of the beta wouldn’t have reflected this option.

After users update to iOS 9 beta 2, the apps are reloaded automatically. If your data is backed up, you can log back into the app and proceed as usual.

Though iOS 9 will be much more svelte than previous iterations of iOS, some devices with less memory could still have trouble.

iOS 9 allows users to temporarily delete apps to free up space for software updates [9to5Mac]

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