Dropbox is making it easy to request large files from anyone


Dropbox is adding a small feature that could make it easier for others to share files with you.

While shared folders are an important part of collaboration on any cloud storage service, usually it’s just one person doing the sharing. The new file requests feature helps you collect files and documents from others, whether they have a Dropbox account or not.


It could be useful way of collecting documents, especially from multiple people. It prevents running into attachment limits on email, and since all the files you receive are stored on a single folder, you can access related items all in one place.

Dropbox says the files are labelled by sender too, so they’re easier to identify; it’s not hard to image how it could come in handy to collect documents from coworkers or friends for projects or events.

Dropbox Basic and Pro users can start sending out file requests as of today via dropbox.com/requests. Business users will have to wait a few weeks before they can try it out.


Image Credit: Alexander Supertramp / Shutterstock.com

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