Addappt for Android update has a completely new UI built for faster navigation

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Addappt, which wants to make accessing and referencing your contacts more contextual, has released a big update for Android.

With its latest iteration, Addappt users will find an entirely new user interface built for speedy navigation. The app also has a tabbed navigation scheme, and opens directly into the contacts tab.

A ‘Smart Favorites’ feature remembers how you last communicated with someone, while ‘Favorites’ keeps quick actions for reaching someone via text, call or email handy.

Favorites are brought in from your native contacts app, and can be rearranged by long-pressing and dragging the icons around. You can also add your own methods for contacting someone.

Addappt is also bringing back support for groups. Any groups you have in your native contacts app are supported, and you can add groups as you like.

Addappt [Google Play]

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