April in Latin America: All the tech news you shouldn’t miss from the past month

O Ministro da Cultura Juca Ferreira,anuncia agora à tarde que adotará medidas legais contra decisão do Facebook de bloquear fotografia histórica de um casal de Índios Botocudos, publicada em sua fanpage.
April was an eventful month in Latin America’s tech world. Not only did all major players make announcements, but startups and investors also kept busy. Here’s the news you don’t want to miss: Ups and downs for Facebook… Facebook is working on bringing Internet.org to more Latin American countries, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced during the Summit of the Americas. The event took place in Panama, which will be the next country to welcome the initiative, aimed at giving citizens free access to some Internet sites, in partnership with authorities and carriers. As you may remember, Internet.org already launched Internet.org launches…

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