Kendall Jenner versus a graffiti drone: the age of airborne vandalism begins!

Screenshot 2015-04-30 19.21.51
EXT: New York City, the early hours of Wednesday morning. A hacked DJI Phantom drone in possession of a can of spray paint tags a Calvin Klein billboard graced by the over exposed visage of Kendall Jenner. New York graffiti artist KATSU 1, Kardashians 0 Wired has the full story on what KATSU is up to. This is only v1.0 of his graffiti drone so authorities needn’t get too worried…yet. Rest assured though, airborne tagging is going to get a lot more common. ➤ KATSU Drone Drawing 2015 on Kendall Jenner [YouTube via Wired]  Read next: Watch This Millennium Falcon Drone Then Build…

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