Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun: How Nanodegrees can democratize tech education

Sebastian Thrun in Session 8: Invention and Consequence, on Thursday, March 3, 2011, at TED2011, in Long Beach, California. Credit: James Duncan Davidson / TED
The obvious question was staring me right in the face. When discussing the online learning platform Udacity with its founder Sebastian Thrun — who co-founded Google X — there was one thing I just had to know. I asked Thrun if Udacity’s new Nanodegree program was his personal moonshot. His answer was immediate, sincere and humble: Yes. Nanodegrees aren’t much different than college; the end result of the education is pointing you toward a career. In the case of many Udacity students, it’s a second or third career. Launched late last year, Udacity’s Nanodgree scheme has a lot going for…

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