Square brings its 15-minute, $15 Fastbite food delivery service to NYC

Fastbite by Caviar NY Kale Salad

A little under a year ago, Square got itself into the food delivery business by purchasing Caviar. Then it bought Fastbite two months ago to help bolster Caviar’s high-end restaurant menu with quick, cheap menu items – but that service was limited to San Francisco.

Now it’s bringing Fastbite to New York – or a portion of Manhattan, at least. During peak lunch and dinner hours, a Fastbite tab will appear on the Caviar app on Android or iOS. Or, you can order from the Web.

Caviar Fastbite NY Home Screen

Fastbite items all cost $15 or less with a 15 minute delivery time, and you can track your orders with GPS via the apps. Your options are limited to a small curated set of single-serving meals, but the point is to grab you a quick meal without requiring too much thought.

Though it’s currently limited to just some areas of Manhattan, Square says it will expand to more neighborhoods soon.

Caviar launches Fastbite in New York [Square]

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