Google’s redesigned Trends page now ranks popular searches in real-time


Google’s Trend page is a fun way to look at how different search terms have waxed and waned in popularity over time, but today it’s getting a makeover with a heavier emphasis on real-time data.

The revamped site now lets you browse trends on a minute-by-inute basis, allowing you to track stories as they happen during major live events like awards shows or sports championships.


The new homepage ranks trends in real time, also tracking popular videos and articles on YouTube and Google News. Google also says it’s expanded its coverage to help find more niche topics is smaller geographical areas.

Aesthetically, Trends now has a heavy dose of Material Design, Google’s new UI for all its apps and services. For data enthusiasts, Google is now publishing data on specific topics via GitHub.

The redesigned homepage is available now in 28 countries; Google says it will be available in more places in the coming months.

A new window into our world with real-time trends [Google Official Blog]

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