Review: Pic Scanner is a good idea but incomplete

The 'free' Pic Scanner app for iPhone and iPad (universal) has a lot of promise but fumbles on the details. The app lets you put up to three photos you want to digitize on a blank piece of white paper. Focus and snap, and the app automatically will crop the photos and let you work on them individually, applying filters like sepia.

It is at the next step that the app runs into trouble. You can save a couple of images to the camera roll or mail them, but after that the app wants you to buy the ability to save and share for US$2.99. I suppose a minimal number of tries will show you how it works, but in my view that's just too stingy. I think it would be better to call it a $2.99 app and be done with it. I think people will be irritated with the extreme lack of functionality in the free version.

The filters supplied are OK bit the app could really use a sharpening function. There isn't one.

In my testing the app did a good job of identifying the photos and cropping them. Image quality was OK, but without sharpening it was just OK, not good.

When I think about the app, I could do much the same thing by snapping pictures of my photos with the iPhone camera. They wouldn't auto-crop, but putting 3 pictures into one frame reduces the resolution of each photo anyway. Just using the iPhone camera, I can make adjustments, then save them to my photo roll or send out them without restriction.

Pic Scanner requires iOS 6 or later and is optimized for the iPhone. It is a universal app.

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