SimCity on Mac is "totally unplayable"

The Windows launch of SimCity didn't exactly go smoothly in March. There were issues with offline play -- namely, it doesn't exist -- and servers were flooded and impossible to connect to. But those issues seem to pale in comparison to today's release of the Mac version, with many players unable to even install the game.

The official EA forums are overrun with Mac gamers desperately trying to get their purchases to work correctly on computers ranging from brand new Retina MacBooks to iMacs that are just a few weeks old. I've been told by one player that in order to even download the game, he was forced to reinstall EA's Origin download application three times.

Comments from players on social media are decidedly negative ranging from "it's totally unplayable" to "it is a disaster." Yikes.

There also appear to be issues with attempting to start the software, with the game lagging on even the most capable Macs. Many users are reporting that the game can't be played in full screen mode and will repeatedly default back to a small window without being prompted.

Here's what Twitter has to say on the matter:

Hey, PSA everyone: Despite being delayed multiple times, @SimCity doesn't work for Mac. HOW. ABOUT. THAT. - Nicholas Salazar (@TheNickSalazar) August 29, 2013

Review: @SimCity for Mac -- Doesn't startup fullscreen. Can't click anything. LOL MAXIS - Mike Beasley (@MikeBeas) August 29, 2013

With Mac launch disaster on top of everything else, it looks like @Maxis just can't catch a break with @SimCity. :'( - Kyle (@macdaddyjoshua) August 29, 2013

We've reached out to EA for comment and will report back if and when we get a response, but until then it might be best to hang on to your cash and wait for a fix.

via TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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