Flickr for iOS receives filters, pro editing tools

Flickr for iOS receives filters, pro editing toolsFlickr today updated its iOS app with some significant and eye-catching improvements.

First and foremost, the new Flickr mobile app not only introduces new filters, but also live filters.

What's more, the app gives users the ability to calibrate the settings on the app's built-in filters as to ensure that users can get the exact shot they're looking for. It's also a great way to prevent certain filters from becoming overwhelmingly popular, and thus, unexciting and ordinary.

The official Flickr blog notes that many of the app's features were gleaned from its acquisition of GhostBird Software and that the team devoted special attention toward enhancing the app's filters and editing functionality.

Live Filters let you see how your photo looks while you take it. Swiping through live filters, you can choose composition grids, focus lock and exposure points to better set up your shot. Even our preview tiles let you see what your shot looks like live.

All of our filters are also customizable after you've taken the photo. You don't have to leave the camera and lose focus on your perfectly melting ice cream shot. In addition to our magic wand, we're adding all the advanced tools so you can enhance, crop, sharpen, balance color, use Levels, add vignette and more – for free. You now have a complete photo studio in your hands

In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, the new Flickr app includes an enhanced interface, new camera tools while taking photographs, and editing tools that were previously only available for Flickr's paying customers.

The full changelog reads as follows:

● Live filters! Now you can scroll through and preview the effects of each filter before you snap your shot. Choosing the right one is no longer a guessing game.

● Tired of stock filters? With the Flickr Mobile App you can customize your filters to get the exact effects you're looking for.

● We've also got new camera tools. Perfectly compose your shots with awesome grids, pinch to zoom and the ability to lock your focus and exposure points.

● Professional editing tools. The editing tools you usually pay for are now free with Flickr. Enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels, add vignettes and more.

● Now our camera and editing tools have beautifully animated transitions, giving users the best camera experience yet.


via TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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