This week in tech stock: iPhone rumors do NOT bring all the boys to the yard

Consumers and investors are in two very different boats. The investors are on the not-so-proverbial slow boat from China, and consumers are on Jetskis.

One watercraft presents a long, dangerous haul over long distances. The other gives a short burst of adrenaline at high speeds that thrill the soul and wreck the hair. The former makes money. The latter costs money.

So when consumers get all riled up over the anticipated new iPhone, investors have to continue with their own journeys. After all, rumors of a new phone mean a decline in sales for the current phone (and this time, a trade-in program for the old phone). And when a company only sells one phone at a time — well, some might say that just ain’t good business.

None of the smartphone manufacturers on our radar had a particularly brilliant week on the public market. The “hero” of the bunch was LG, which didn’t even see gains of a whole percent for the week.

AAPL Chart

via VentureBeat

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