And the winner of TNW’s Startup Rally in Latin America is … Senseta

As The Next Web’s Latin America conference draws to a close, our jury of startup experts has chosen their winner from the Startup Rally. Out of all the 20 participants, one emerged the victor. We’re pleased to announce that this year’s winner is big data analytic solution provider Senseta.

Senseta actually wasn’t one of the original 16 finalists, but the startup had a booth and earned one of the four wild card positions. The company says that it’s in the business of “licensed ground truth data from proprietary libraries, from manned and unmanned systems, and from data provided by a variety of sectors.”

Based in both Silicon Valley and Bogota, Columbia, Senseta takes data and provides governments and businesses with information and data to help produce solutions to solve the world’s challenges. It believes that many of the problems are being discussed without looking at data and by using the world’s data, it can help lead to smarter decisions.

Senseta is the company that earlier was named TNW’s Best Startup of Columbia in the business to business space.

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