Nokia’s Here Auto platform brings the power of the cloud to in-car navigation

Even though many people now rely on their smartphones for navigation, there’s still a good argument for having a dedicated navigation system inside your car.

That’s exactly what Nokia is betting on with its new connected car platform, Nokia Here Auto, which launched today.

Here Auto builds upon Nokia’s many years of map creation (the company’s Navteq mapmaking cars are even geekier than Google’s Street View vehicles) by bringing its navigation data out of smartphones and directly into cars. Behind the scenes, a cloud service synchronizes your Nokia Here experience across your smartphone and car and gives you access to live maps, weather information, and real-time traffic data.

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“A really great solution to providing a real-time picture of what is happening everywhere didn’t exist, so we built one,” Nokia’s Pino Bonetti wrote in a blog post today. “Here Traffic now relies on a new data processing system that crunches traffic probes even faster and more accurately, integrating the growing volumes of higher-quality traffic probes with historic data, weather data, and more. With our traffic engine, you get more accurate travel time estimates, so you can better plan your routes and quickly reroute on the go.”

Unlike smartphone-based navigation, Here Auto still functions when you’re completely offline. (Though having data is necessary for the cloud-powered features.)

Nokia has developed a Here Auto companion apps for Windows Phone (naturally) and Android, while an iOS app is currently in the works. The company says Here Auto is already integrated with Continental’s Open Infotainment Platform, and it’s currently seeking out more partners. We can expect more details around Here Auto partners at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10.

via VentureBeat

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