New Flickr for iPhone has more filters and some awesome new tricks

For the smartphone shutterbugs out there, Yahoo is rolling out some new hotness. The new Flickr app for iOS brings not only a handful of sweet new filters. It’s also giving you the ability to customize the filters and make them all your own, as well as something the Flickr team calls a “Live Preview.”

In Live Preview mode, you can see the filter applied to whatever your camera’s pointed at before you press the shutter button. This way, you can decide which filter looks best before taking the photo.

Also new in today’s launch, you’ll find new camera features such as a handy grid, focus and exposure locks, and pinch-to-zoom. Editing features now include tools like sharpening, color balancing, and levels.

On the minor side, you might notice some elegant new animations and transitions within the app.

Here’s what it all looks like:

via VentureBeat

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