Windows 10 Mobile is getting a one-handed mode and new Cortana features


Another week, another build of Windows 10. This time the Windows team is showing phone and tablet users some love with some new features for mobile.

Most notably, phones 5 inches or greater can now access a one-handed mode. It works similarly to Apple’s implementation; pressing and holding the start button will cause your screen to slide down so you can reach the top of the device. Then repeat the same action or tap the blank space at the top of the screen to return to normal.

On Android, this feature is only accessible on certain devices through manufacturer customizations – you’ll have to use two hands or work some finger gymnastics on stock Android. Since Microsoft doesn’t allow third parties to have the same kind of control over the OS, it’s nice to see it baking the feature into the OS by default.

Windows 10 Mobile previously introduced a one-handed keyboard for large-screened phones, showing Microsoft’s emphases on one handed usability with Windows 10. You can try it out by simply swiping left or right on the space bar.

Several smaller changes are also included in the update; refined UI elements, font and icon changes as well as performance enhancements to the camera app are included.

Meanwhile, Cortana is approaching its final design, and now supports tracking your flights and packages a well as alerts for your travels to home, work and the airport. She’ll also now reply to questions about the weather, currency, stock quotes and more inline.

For more on the newest Windows 10 build as well some as known issues, check out Microsoft’s blog post here. If you’re already on the Windows Insider Program for mobile, the new build will arrive as an operating system update.

Announcing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10136 [Windows Blog]

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