Twitter custom emoji for Wimbledon tennis include the queue and the famous ‘hill’

Twitter is very keen on creating custom emoji – it calls them ‘hashflags’ – for important events and famous people. It started with the World Cup back in 2010 and we’ve seen ones for Ramadan and Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video recently. The latest are Wimbledon themed. They were announced by Serena Williams on her Twitter account and don’t just include tennis equipment, there are also emoji for vital bits of the experience like #thequeue and #thehill. Sneakers ✔️ Racket ✔️ Playlist ✔️ New Twitter Emojis ✔️ #Wimbledon #SeeYouOnTheCourt — Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) June 26, 2015 You can add them…

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