TripAdvisor’s airport pages take off


On average, travelers spend 150 minutes at airports waiting for flights. TripAdvisor has just launched dedicated airport pages to help globetrotters get more out of that downtime.

Easily accessible via TripAdvisor’s search engine, each airport page includes reviews, ratings, amenities like duty free stores, boutiques and lounges, as well as nearby hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Changi Airport page

Singapore’s Changi Airport is the first to be listed on TripAdvisor. The site will also cover other major hubs like John F. Kennedy International Airport and London Heathrow Airport by July, and list 200 locations globally in the coming months.

The new airport pages will be accessible on all 45 TripAdvisor sites in 28 languages. They’ll also be available in the site’s mobile app, which includes a ‘Near Me Now’ to help users spot amenities around them before take-off.


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