Spotify’s ‘taste rewind’ is a blast from the musical past


Taste Rewind, a new interactive site from Spotify generates playlists of tracks from decades ago that you might like, based on your listening history and favorite artists.

After you sign in to the site, you’ll be asked to pick three of your favorite artists. From there, it crunches your listening habits and generates sets of tracks you would have liked from each decade, going back to the 60s.

When I chose Chvrches, Ed Sheeran and Sheppard, I was given a playlist that featured Lilly Allen and David Gray tracks for the 2000’s, which is pretty accurate — it’s a great demo of how much Spotify knows about your habits.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 1.27.45 PM

The site is a fun way to discover songs you might have liked from the decades before you were born, or to see if Spotify can accurately guess the artists you liked a few decades back.

Taste Rewind [Spotify]

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