Shenmue III makes a heroic comeback, becomes the fastest game to hit $2 million Kickstarter goal

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Shenmue III, the long-awaited follow-up to the adventure series, has managed to reach its Kickstarter goal of $2 million in less than 12 hours.

The campaign went live during Sony’s PlayStation press conference at E3 yesterday. The game was originally made for Sega’s Dreamcast in 1999, but Sony now owns the rights.

With 30 days left in the campaign its likely to hit its goals of adding subtitles and a “Cinema Short” summary of the first two games.

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When the campaign launched on Kickstarter, the site was overwhelmed by the level of interest and started to lag.

The games creator, Yu Suzuki, came onstage at the press conference to say that he had chosen to crowdfund the project so fans could have more of a say in bringing the game to life.

Shenmue III isn’t expected to ship until December 2017 for PC and the PlayStation 4, so there’s plenty of time to play the originals until then.

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