Reddit celebrates its 10th birthday with a ton of wacky stats

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It’s been 10 years since Reddit first launched – basically an eternity in Web time – and it’s celebrating its birthday by looking back at its history, as well as some statistics on where the platform is today.

In the ten years since its inception, Reddit has garnered over 16 billion upvotes, compared to ‘just’ 2.6 billion downvotes. It’s kind of nice to know that in a platform often infamous for its trolls, more feedback has been positive than negative.

There have also been 190 millions posts, 64 percent of which are links. On these posts, there have been 1.7 billion comments, of which 0.36 percent have mentioned cats. That’s over 6 million cat comments. Lower than expected, if you ask me.


Some other notable numbers:

  • $29,559,467.54 spent on 877,218 presents for RedditGifts exchanges
  • $1.8 million donated to Extra Life, Haiti, teachers and Nepal.
  • 1,867,184 months of Reddit Gold purchased (nearly half of which were gifts)
  • 853,824 subreddits created (only 9,600 of them active yesterday)
  • 36,136,190 user accounts

Reddit says that if it were a country, with its active users as its people, it would be the 8th largest nation in the world.

If you’re wondering what sort of content garners the most attention… well, it involves phalluses. The most gilded post (gilded posts are those that have earned gifted Reddit Gold memberships) is one where a user comes through with eating a bull’s privates after claiming he’d do so if a certain unrelated comment achieved 400 gildings. It did.

Meanwhile, the most viewed Reddit post is an AMA session with a man who has two penises, beating out an AMA with President Obama.

The most commented post, however, is one where the reddit team congratulates two staff members who were getting married. Because Reddit engineers would be at the wedding, the team asked redditors to not generate a giant comment thread that might tax its servers.

Needless to say, they generated a giant comment thread. 358,913 comments to be precise – so many that the post had to be locked, as miscreant redditors would keep resurfacing it.

Check out Reddit’s blog post for more nifty stats and top posts and comments. And if you want a more in depth look at the numbers Reddit has amassed, check out the full set at /r/redditdata.

Happy 10th birthday to us! Celebrating the best of 10 years of Reddit [Reddit Blog]

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