Mercedes-Benz has its own Tesla-like battery for your home

Aus dem Auto ans Netz: Mercedes-Benz Energiespeicher eignen sich auch für die private Nutzung zur verlustfreien Zwischenspeicherung von überschüssigem Strom. / From cars to power grids: Mercedes-Benz energy storages are also suitable for private use to buffer surplus power virtually free of any losses.
Looks like Tesla isn’t the only car company getting into the home battery business – Mercedes-Benz is having a go at it too. The gist is basically the same – the batteries will charge up during off-peak (read:cheaper) hours, and then use that energy to power your home when things get more expensive. They’ll also be able to store surplus charge from solar panels. Where the Daimler (which owns Mercedes-Benz) offering differs from Tesla is in customizability. The Mercedes packs come in 2.5kWh units, and you can link up to seven more for a total of 20kWh. Tesla only offers…

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