Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ feature finally graduates out of labs after six years


After what seems to have been the longest beta period ever, Google has finally graduated Gmail’s “Undo Send” option from labs into a permanent spot.

When you enable Undo Send, you’re able to “unsend” an email up to ten seconds after you hit the send button — Gmail just delays sending briefly so you have a moment in case you change your mind.

You’d be surprised how often I’ve caught a typo just as I send an email, so the feature is a lifesaver for me.

The feature has lived in Gmail’s “Labs” area, which the company uses to test out new features, since March 2009.

Undo Send now lives in Gmail’s settings under the “General” tab. It’s disabled by default, but it’s worth turning on if you haven’t already.

Undo Send for Gmail on the web [Google, via Venturebeat]

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