Get ready: Marvel comics now arriving on the Kindle store


Comic book lovers rejoice! There’s now a new way to dig into your favorites, as Marvel single-issue comics have now landed on the Amazon Kindle Store.

More than 12,000 of Marvel’s single-issue digital comics are now available in the store, and on the Kindle platform worldwide, starting today.

The new treasure trove is a result of Amazon’s year-old acquisition of comiXology, the digital comic distributor that handled the Marvel brand, among other popular comics, for years.

The expanded distribution does not affect other platforms: single-issue comics will be available from comiXology, as usual. The company will also continue distribution of Marvel trades and graphic novels through apps on Fire tablets, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and the web. The Marvel Comics app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices are also available as before.


The cool thing about the new distribution deal is that Kindle users worldwide, who may not be comiXology app users, will now have Marvel comics promoted within the Kindle store — thus widening the reach and the fun.

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