BitTorrent’s Shoot photo sharing app finally makes QR codes useful

BitTorrent Shoot

BitTorrent has launched Shoot, a new app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone that lets you share photos across platforms just by scanning a QR code.

The $2 app has no restrictions on how many photos and videos you send, or how large the files are. Your first three sends are free; after that, you’ll need to shell out $2 for unlimited transfers. Receiving files is always free.

Shoot is a cinch to use

To send pictures, launch the app, select the images you want to share and Shoot will generate a QR code. Others can then scan that to download the images.

Shoot is pretty quick with transfers and can share files to multiple devices simultaneously. It uses BitTorrent’s Sync technology to get the job done and skips the cloud so your files aren’t intercepted.

While the app does what it says on the box fairly well, it may be a little too late to the image sharing game. It’s easy enough to share files via other services.

Still, if you often find yourself sharing pictures with others in person and care a lot about privacy, Shoot might be worth a look.

BitTorrent Shoot [Android | iOS | Windows Phone]

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