91% off a 2-year subscription to Stuk.Io Ruby on Rails coding courses. Ends this Thursday

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Want to try your hand at programming? Ruby on Rails is a great choice for first-timers: thanks to a simple code structure, it’s beginner-friendly, quick to build with and has a thriving community that actively contributes reusable code and encourages others to learn. With Stik.io, you can get two years of premium Ruby on Rails training, but our 91 percent off deal ends tomorrow, so this is your last chance to take advantage.

Plus, Ruby on Rails covers both the front-end and back-end, which means that you can build completely functional apps and sites, instead of covering only one aspect of a project. It’s great for creating simple prototypes and actually bringing your complex ideas to life.

Stuk.io has 120 hours of courses for you to learn from at your own pace, along with a range of practice apps for you to train on. Whether you want to build a social network, an online marketplace or a project management tool, there’s never been a better way to learn to do so from scratch.

Stuk.io’s courses will take you through the basics of Ruby on Rails, allow you to get hands-on with code, cover essential HTML, CSS and API integration and teach you to add great features like payment support, search, administrative controls and more to your projects.

Ready to begin mastering Ruby on Rails? We’ve got a great offer on a 2-year subscription to Stuk.io’s courses.

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