Grand St. grows beyond consumer-ready gadgets into a marketplace for makers

Marketplace1 520x245 Grand St. grows beyond consumer ready gadgets into a marketplace for makers

Grand St., an online platform that specializes in retailing creative technological products, has launched a new Marketplace feature that expands on the company’s existing offering to allow any creator to showcase, sell items and garner feedback.

Thus far, Grand St. has served as a curated repository for selling cool tech products – kind of like Kickstarter, but without the wait. With Marketplace, however, this more closely aligns Grand St. with crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter, given its self-serve model and that it allows products from any stage of the development process.

Marketplace 730x545 Grand St. grows beyond consumer ready gadgets into a marketplace for makers

Grand St. claims more than 200,000 people currently use the site, and with Marketplace it’s looking for a new demographic altogether. There are three elements to it.

Marketplace itself is for consumer-ready products that are fully functional, while ‘Pre-Order’ is for products that aren’t shipping yet, but will be available within six months. These must already be in the manufacturing process though.

‘Beta’ is aimed more at hardware that’s in development, but is still evolving based on user feedback. Amanda Peyton, co-founder of Grand St., says it’s for “makers and fans to come together and create an ecosystem for innovation.”

However, it won’t accept any old junk. Products submitted through the Grand St.’s Marketplace will still be assessed and approved based on their creativity, reliability, UX and general ‘wow’ factor.

You can start making your product and creator profile using the link below.

Grand St. | Onboarding

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