Whistle adds Android support to its wearable activity tracker for dogs

whistle 3 crop 520x245 Whistle adds Android support to its wearable activity tracker for dogs

Now that humans have all manner of fitness bands to help us get in shape, it only makes sense that dogs get one too. Whistle has launched its activity monitor collar attachment for dogs on Android.

The $129 accessory loops around your dog’s collar and syncs up over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the accompanying iOS or Android app. You can set daily goals for your dog’s exercise and receive notifications when it meets them.

Alongside the Android launch, Whistle has added several new features to the iOS version. The accessory is now able to break down activity into different categories, such as walking, playing and resting. Running and swimming are planned down the road. You can also now take advantage of Facebook and Twitter sharing if you want to show off how healthy your pet is.

whistle 1 220x390 Whistle adds Android support to its wearable activity tracker for dogs Whistle today announced a significant win on the distribution side after getting its device into PetSmart’s retail stores across the US and Canada.

I’ve been testing a Whistle on my dog for the past week. It’s definitely a fun accessory that lets you peer a bit into your pet’s world, but I’m not convinced it has enough functionality to make it worth the $129 yet, unless you’re a self-professed dog lover or a frequent traveler. I already know that my dog is active, and Whistle isn’t yet answering the questions I do have, like whether she’s getting enough (or too much) food and how her overall health is.

That said, there’s definitely a market for pet wearables, especially as the quantified self movement starts to bleed over into other aspects of our lives. Whistle’s still at an early stage of development, but it’s off to a running start.


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