CloudFlare acquires anti-malware firm StopTheHacker to proactively beef up enterprise network security

CloudFlare today announced it has acquired anti-malware firm StopTheHacker for an undisclosed sum. While CloudFlare is already capable of stopping new infections, the company says it needs StopTheHacker to further improve those capabilities as well as ensure sites that sign up aren’t already infected. “When networks get to a certain scale they inevitably need to focus on proactively dealing with this challenge,” the company explains.

StopTheHacker has been a CloudFlare partner for two years: its malware scanning service has been available through the CloudFlare Apps Marketplace and “a large percentage” of CloudFlare’s customers were already using it. StopTheHacker will continue to support its customers and partners, while CloudFlare will invest in what it claims is “the most affordable, enterprise-class malware scanning available today.” In the long term, CloudFlare will integrate StopTheHacker’s services more tightly to provide immediate remediation of malware and vulnerabilities via instant patching services that don’t require a code change.

Image Credit: pbkwee/Flickr

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