More than half of Facebook’s referral traffic now comes from mobile

144134368 520x245 More than half of Facebooks referral traffic now comes from mobile

Social discovery and sharing platform Shareaholic today released its latest report for Facebook referral traffic data. More than half of social traffic from Facebook now consists of mobile referrals.

Facebook Mobile Referrals Report February 2014 data More than half of Facebooks referral traffic now comes from mobile

Above you can see the last few months of growth as noted by Shareaholic, which tracks 250 million users visiting its network of 200,000 publishers. In January, Facebook’s share of visits was 16.21 percent while Facebook mobile was 8.25 percent, or just over half (50.89 percent) of Facebook referrals.

When students were going back to school, mobile accounted for over a quarter. Now it’s double that. Of course, it’s quite possible that the latest data is a peak and that in the next few months mobile referrals will fall back down as a share of overall referrals. Still, it’s quite clear Facebook’s mobile referral share has been steadily rising for some time now.

Facebook Mobile Referrals Report February 2014 chart More than half of Facebooks referral traffic now comes from mobile

Two weeks ago, Facebook released its latest quarterly earnings, in which the company also revealed new user milestones: 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million monthly active mobile users, 757 million daily active users, and 556 million daily active mobile users. The biggest jump was naturally for mobile users, up 39 percent year-over-year for monthly and up 49 percent year-over-year for daily.

76.83 percent of Facebook’s total monthly userbase and 73.44 percent of its daily userbase accesses the social network from a mobile device. Last but certainly not least, the company revealed last quarter that more than half of its advertising revenue now stems from mobile (53 percent).

As we’ve said before, Facebook has successfully transformed itself into a mobile company. It only took about three years, but the data now backs it up: Facebook has more and more mobile users, is driving more and more mobile traffic, and is making more and more money from mobile.

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