One HTML novice, a Mac, and a website dream

I have a secret. I can't write HTML to save my life. For most people, that would be okay. But as a tech journalist, it's a bit embarrassing not to have fluency with the language that underlies the World Wide Web.

My lack of HTML savvy is one reason why I loved Apple's old iWeb Mac web composition app so much. Sure, the sites were a bit formulaic and clunky, but for someone who wanted more than a Facebook page, it was great. But when MobileMe's one-click hosting for iWeb went away, so did my site. [For readers who found themselves in the same hostless boat, Steve's tips on replacing the iWeb/MobileMe team are still valuable. –Ed.]

But no longer. Though I still haven't learned HTML, I've decided I'm going to make the effort to create a new website based on the current crop of tools available on the Mac. Each month I'll be using a different tool (be it an app, a Mac-only website builder, or a hacked-together website from apps that aren't really meant to build websites). Along the way I'll report on my journey, and I hope to get lots of feedback from those of you who were in a similar situation and tried different things.

To start with I'm going to try to design a version of my site using RealMac's capable RapidWeaver app and some pretty slick themes from designer Michael David. Next month I'll report on how that went and show you my results, then I'll try to build the same site using different tools. In the end I'll be able to know which Mac web tools are the best for folks like me, and which only say they are. You can follow all the posts in the series using our tag for My Mac Site.

With all this in mind, I'd love to get your input on what you've found useful. Feel free to leave your comments below or tweet your advice to @michaelgrothaus.

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