Amazon's AWS Command Line Tool Hits General Availability, Lets You Control 23 Services From Your Terminal

Graphical user interfaces are great, but sometimes, the good-old command line is all you need. Amazon today announced that its command line interface for AWS has hit general availability.

For a while now, Amazon Web Services has made this command line tool available as a developer preview. The tool allows developers to control 23 of AWS’s services from the command line without the need to touch its somewhat convoluted web interface. Few people, of course, manage their AWS accounts from the command line, but having these tools available allows developers to automate many of their processes.

As Amazon notes, today’s release includes some updates to the file commands for its S3 cloud storage service that use a file system command syntax to allow developers to “list the contents of online buckets, upload a folder full of files, and synchronize local files with objects stored in Amazon S3.”

As with all things AWS, configuring the tool isn’t exactly trivial, but Amazon offers an easy step-by-step install guide and extensive documentation to help new users get started. The tool is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and also comes pre-installed on the most recent versions of the Amazon Linux AMI, Amazon’s supported and maintained Linux image for use on its EC2 cloud-computing service.

via TechCrunch

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