iOS mobile web share falls in August

As noted by Philip Elmer-Dewitt at Fortune, Apple's share of mobile web traffic fell significantly in August. According to NetApplications' survey results for the month of August, Apple's iOS web usage fell to 54.9% -- an all-time low. That's 11 points below the 65.9% Apple held in August 2012. Meanwhile, Google's Android OS jumped to 28.1% of mobile web usage -- up 7.2 points.

The NetApplications' survey is significant because Tim Cook always uses it to show how well Apple is doing in the mobile space against Google. And while Apple may get a bounce in web usage several months after the next iPhone models ship, the latest numbers are nothing to brag about for the company in the short run. Despite the trend, though, Apple's platform still represents more than half the mobile web traffic measured by NetApplications.

via TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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