iPhone once again boosts China Telecom financials

iPhone once again boosts China Telecom financialsWhile it remains to be seen if China Mobile -- otherwise known as the world's largest mobile carrier -- will begin selling the iPhone anytime soon, China's smallest carrier is experiencing a notable amount of success with Apple's popular smartphone.

In a statement posted about a week ago, China Telecom released some financial and business results captured from the company's first six months of 2013.

AppleInsider reports:

China Telecom added 18.3 million 3G subscribers for the six month period ending in June, pushing the number of customers who subscribe to revenue-generating mobile data plans to 87.33 million, or 50 percent of the company's total mobile subscriber base. Revenue from mobile data increased by 39 percent to 26.2 billion yuan ($4.3 billion).

The average monthly data usage of 3G subscrbers increased by 51 percent to from the same period last year, the company's first with the iPhone. iPhone users are known to consume significantly more mobile data than users of other smartphones.

Overall, 3G subscribers on China Telecom increased by 26.5% since the end of 2012.

ABC News adds:

State-owned China Telecom, the country's third biggest mobile phone operator by subscribers, said Wednesday that profit grew in the first half of the year as revenue from iPhone sales kicked in.

News that the iPhone is helping to pad China Telecom's bottom line shouldn't be all that surprising. Back in March we reported that China Telecom was able to increase sales of wireless data plans on account of the iPhone.

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