Wikileaks’ new batch of Sony files reveals a survey asking stars if they’ve had oral herpes

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Well, this continues to take a turn for the bizarre.

Following the Sony hack last winter, Wikileaks has uploaded a second batch of files containing 276,000 more documents obtained from the incident this week. Although most of the documents are related to legal and financial affairs, Radar Online uncovered a set of unusual questionnaires asking whether or not stars have had oral herpes.

The survey titled “Cold Sore Questionnaire” looks to be a part of what Sony sent to actors as a “Risk Management Packet,” presumably to help prevent the spread of the contagious virus. Below are some of the example questions Sony asked actors to fill out.

1. I currently have a cold sore (describe cold sore locations):_______________

2. I have had the cold sore since:_____________

3. My last cold sore was approximately (date): ______________

4. I have had____cold sore breakouts over a period of _______ years.

Looking through Wikileaks, it appears not all actors responded to the form, but provided health insurance coverage information.

In one email thread, an account manager for the “Untitled Hawaii Project” (released in the US last month as “Aloha”) responded to the questionnaire saying one actor used Abreva to treat his symptoms, and promises to use prescription medication if the cold sore returns during filming.

“Aloha” is a Cameron Crowe (“Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Jerry Maguire”) production with other castmates including Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Alec Baldwin.

If you want to have a look through the plethora of new Sony files, Wikileaks tweeted a link that takes you straight to the set of recently uploaded documents.

In addition to Sony files, Wikileaks has also uploaded more than 500,000 Saudi diplomatic documents.

➤ Hollywood Herpes Scare! Sony Drafts Cold Sore Contract For Big Stars, Require Meds On Set, Hacked Emails Reveal — Who’s Infected? [Radar Online]

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