Twitter will now autoplay videos and GIFs, but you can thankfully opt out


Your Twitter feed is about to get a lot busier. Whereas before you’d have to tap on a video to start it, content on your feed will now play automatically.

Like on Facebook, however, sound will be muted until you actually click on the video. You can also enable sound by turning your phone over to a landscape view on mobile, which will also expand the video to fill the screen.


While some people will likely find the change annoying, Twitter says it will help prevent users from missing out on important news and content. Advertisers are sure to be happy about it, at least.

Still, you can thankfully opt out if you’d rather make the choice of what to play on your own. Twitter will also automatically disable the feature if it detects you’re somewhere with low bandwidth.

The change is rolling out to everyone today on and Twitter for iOS. An Android update to enable the feature is coming soon.


Introducing a more seamless video experience with autoplay [Twitter]

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