Google Container Engine now in beta while Container Registry opens up to more developers


Google Container Engine has gone beta, with new features like cluster tracking in Cloud Logging having been added. Google is also making its Container Registry available to more developers, and has announced pricing for both.

Previously in alpha, the beta version of Container Engine allows developers to asses container needs like CPU or memory management, then schedule containers to a cluster. Developers can also enable Cloud Logging to track clusters and monitor performance of applications.

Google Container Registry is now ready for production use, too. Developers can use Container Registry to encrypt and authenticate containers, and the service allows for regional storage of images.

Google also announced pricing for both; Container Engine checks in at $0.15 per hour for standard clusters, which can be comprised of up to 100 virtual machine nodes. Basic clusters — up to five virtual machine nodes — is currently free to use.

Container Registry uses Google’s simple cloud storage pricing for storage. Images can be pushed or pulled for free.

Container Engine & Container Registry Updates – New Features & Pricing [Google]

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