Forget Taylor Swift, Eternify wants to help small artists by gaming Spotify


First Taylor Swift called out Apple and won, now an unknown band is trying to outsmart Spotify in a successful attempt to get its name in the press.

Eternify is a site which endlessly loops 30-second clip – the minimum length required to get paid – of whatever artist you choose from the streaming service’s catalog.

The idea is to rack up royalties for them, while presumably muting the tab so you don’t have to hear the same thing over and over.

The whole thing is a clever stunt by Ohm And Sport, a new band who describe themselves as “in beta” and, unsurprisingly, have a single to push. It’s a slice of fairly inoffensive electro-pop called ‘Air Tonight’ and, of course, it’s on Spotify.

The band told TNW – and every other site that will listen – that they’ve launched the site “in the wake of numerous false promises of a better future for streaming: not a single one of these announcements or apparent victories have had any meaningful impact on the vast number of small artists on whom these services depend.”

That’s nice fiery rhetoric, but I expect to see Spotify stamp down pretty hard on the site as soon as it can. Creating audio loops is banned under its terms of service.

In the meantime, I earned Ohm And Sport $0.07 in royalties while composing this story.

Eternify [Ohm And Sport]

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