DxO’s iPhone camera attachment promises DSLR quality shots in your pocket

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DxO One, a new attachment for your iPhone, claims it’ll bring DSLR-quality photos to your smartphone and tablet.

The new gadget resembles those popular old Sony Handycams and attaches to the bottom of your iPhone or iPad via the Lightning port to add an extra higher-quality camera.

In the tiny 2.65-inch, 108-gram device, you’ll get a 1.8/f lens on a 1-inch, 20 megapixel sensor, as well as an onboard MicroSD slot. The company claims that this means it can capture high-resolution, good quality images even in low light.

A demo image provided by DxO
A demo image provided by DxO

The camera pairs with a free iPhone app that allows full manual control over the DxO hardware, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO, as well as 1080p video.

Images are saved in a new RAW format that the company touts as “SuperRAW” which is four RAW images captured and merged together when connected to a Mac or PC.

If you’re sold already by the allure of DSLR-quality shots — I love the idea of a pocketable, high-quality camera — the DxO ONE will set you back a solid $599 and comes with licenses for the DxO image processing software.


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