Anti-censorship community Voat dropped by hosting service over ‘political correctness’


European hosting service recently terminated its contract with Voat, a Reddit clone that promises not to censor users. Voat managed to move its database to an unnamed cloud platform hours ahead of the shutdown to avoid service interruption.

Voat’s founder, who goes by the handle Atko, said wrote “we have received significant information that the content on your server includes political incorrect parts that are unacceptable for us” in terminating the contract.

Voat has been around since 2014, but found favor after Reddit banned five subreddits. Those communities have since popped up on Voat.

Atko also says he was a customer in good standing with, but issues of political correctness caused it to lose a “bond of trust” in him as a customer. He says Voat never posted any illegal content.

Our provider, shut down our servers due to “political incorrectness” [Voat]

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