The spiritual successor to Mega Man is Mighty No. 9, and it's coming to Mac

Over the long holiday weekend, former Capcom game developer and father of the Mega Man franchise, Keiji Inafune, launched a Kickstarter campaign for his next game. It's called Mighty No. 9, and in the roughly 48 hours that has passed since the crowd funding began it has raised over $1.35 million USD. The game's original goal amount was $900,000, with a series of stretch goals that reach all the way to $2.5 million. Having just passed the $1.35 million goal, Mighty No. 9 is now officially coming to Mac.

You can score your own digital copy of the game -- which is schedule to launch in April 2015 (yikes) -- for a $20 contribution, though if you've got some extra cash to drop you can offer as much as $10,000. A donation of that size scores you a metric ton of bonus goodies as well as dinner and drinks with lead developer Inafune himself.

via TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

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