Podcast: Are you ready for some (Internet of Things) Football? A data driven party?

Sensor-packed football helmets, camera-covered NBA stadiums and sensor-studded soccer balls are all generating a ton of data but it’s still unclear how all of it can and will be used. As we connect everything, the amounts of data are going to be astounding, and so is the opportunity to build and change businesses (and sports).

To understand some of this, I spoke with David Jonker, the VP of product marketing for big data at SAP. We started with tracing the path of data from connected football helmets that can tell coaches when a hit was too hard and then went on to discuss how the National Basketball Association is sharing data gathered by cameras in certain stadiums to explore how business models around data might evolve. We also discussed how a German soccer team is sending data from a sensor-studded ball and sensors on the team members to understand play.

In sports, such connected clothing and equipment might change the game entirely, leading coaches to develop personalized defenses (and offenses) for each player. What if you knew that a certain player has never scored a basket if another player is on his left side? That might change your defensive strategy. So check out the show as we focus on wearables, sports and big data.

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Show notes:

Host: Stacey Higginbotham

Guest: David Jonker, VP of product marketing for big data at SAP

  • Sensor-packed football helmets can help coaches make a hard call

  • How wearables data is similar to financial services data

  • How the NBA is building its own data economy

  • Football or soccer, either way there’s a lot of data to be had


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